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Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society

The Irish Co-operative Organisation Society (ICOS) serves and promotes commercial co-operative businesses and enterprise, across multiple sections of the Irish economy.

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EU must take concerted & immediate action to assist farmers & food processors affected by the Russian Trade Crisis

Dairy Supply Chain



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RT : Cattle slaughterings increased by 1.4% in July http://t.co/VTADegqn0k

RT : Domestic milk intake up 5.8% in July http://t.co/fgH7JUpQha

RT : milk consumption grows from 1,35 billion ltrs in 2010 to 2,52 billion in 2020. Domestic Production at this moment i…

RT : Cattle mart prices in pictures: Farmers drive trade http://t.co/X4gBG2nfSN

ICOS ideas on alleviating Russian trade pressure headline this weeks farm . http://t.co/2faDrKpRPj

RT : EU's dairy aid welcome, but not enough says http://t.co/GSwqzIBAzi

Link to EU statement on market tool activation as result of Russian sanctions. http://t.co/ADKyrAL8sG

While ICOS welcomes the EU announcement of activation of PSA tools for butter and powder, we would like to see cheddar included.